Ping Pong (okayprime) wrote in a_carton,
Ping Pong

"We shall strike tomorrow"

We were going to play a joke.

You know that prank that involves rudely sticking your finger in someone's food at the dinner table and saying "You gonna eat that?" Well, at the same time, Henry, Danny, Danny's roommate, Marcus and I were going to do it to my next door neighbor, Gabby.

It was simple enough, three coughs, and then we would strike. But at the last minute, Danny wanted to change the strike command, complaining that three coughs would be "a little too obvious."

He stupidly suggested the codewords "I hear the TAs are going on strike," and I, even more stupidly decided to comply.

But there was a problem with the seating arrangement when we came in, as Gabby was nearly surrounded by people not involved in the joke, and only Marcus and I would be able to attack like asps. We didn't foresee this.

Then the words came. "I hear the TAs are going on strike," said Danny. But I froze, my conscience hitting me, and I think it was the same for Marcus. Gabby said, "What the hell are you talking about, Danny?" and shook his head.

I whispered to Danny,"Man, I don't think I can go on with it."

"But you have to!"

"Tomorrow...let's regroup tomorrow," as the chance to strike was diminishing with every bite Gabby took.

But Gabby got a piece of pie for dessert...a last chance opportunity! As Marcus and I looked at each other, determined that we were going to do it. We were about to do it, when Gabby took the pie and left.

"What's he doing?" Danny said.

"Do you think he knows what's up?" I said.

"Maybe he went to eat it somewhere else." Marcus added.

But Gabby came back, with a pie mounded with ice cream and whipped cream, and said:

"Man, you don't know what I had to go through to get this. I had to wait in line to microwave this, then to put on the whipped cream and the ice cream."

I bet this made it much harder for people involved, but for me, this was definitely the time to do it. The last failure strengthened my resolve.

I looked at Marcus, my partner in crime, he sheepishly nodded no. He would not do it, and all the blame would rest on me if I did it by myself.

In spite of all of our planning, we had failed to defile Gabby's dinner.
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