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A Carton of Eggs - A Writing/Feedback Community

They'll be omelettes, they'll be messes, they'll be fried, they'll be painted

A Carton of Eggs
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A Carton of Eggs is a creative writing and feedback community. Members are serious writers who post chunks of poetry, prose, dialogue, and other things on a regular basis.

Members also give sincere feedback to other members' posts. Exchange is the most important thing about this community - people who become members are expected to read others' work as carefully as they wish theirs to be. There will be absolutely NO flaming of any sort. You don't have to like a piece of writing to respect it.

Not everyone can be a member in order to maintain that everyone here is serious enough about their own writing and the rest of the community's. To become a member, you may post two pieces of writing to be viewed by the rest of the community. If members feel that you have something to contribute to A Carton of Eggs, then you'll be in!

The point of this community is to keep momentum going and to be as helpful as possible in sharing points of view regarding each other's creative writing. Because it's all about connecting and improving and sharing.

bloodjetpoetry is the moderator.