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Hey guys, community has seemed a little slow since winter break started for most of us, so I'm here to get things going again.

First off, I got into that advanced poetry workshop back at dartmouth, and I feel a little happy, but not totally excited. I had a lot of issues with my introductory creative writing class that was application-only, also. But hopefully things will work out next term.

Now a couple of announcements: people who haven't really done their share of commenting on other people's work, please do so. There won't be any kicking-out of members, but it's just more fair to give feedback to others when they've done the same for you. Oh, and matthieu_a_gogo and I decided to make the rule that members shouldn't use the mood and music options when they post, cause, well ... us knowing you're listening to J.Lo and feeling sleepy is pretty useless. Besides, if you're listening to J.Lo, you're automatically banned from this community because she can just go and die.

Okay, now for some poems. The second one, you don't have to give feedback to if you don't want - it's just for fun, but if you do have things to say about it, I'd appreciate it all the same. I just wrote these a couple of nights ago so they are very rough.


Not everything has to have a name or station,
some things can just be -
A splash of red,
a trumpet's golden blast,
siamese, exchangeable, slideable
in your head - plastic squares of a puzzle,
one move for another.
The letter S
rings up a black curtain,
which means, without thinking,
that H looks a shade of gray lighter.
And smells conjure forth memories
with the strongest grip,
but for me,
unformulated words,
and words formed
stab in me slots
filled with sounds of shrieks,
each to a different pitch depending.


Out loud is garishly excessive.
You will get a puddle of ink around my feet
that spilled forth from my mouth
down my chin in dribbles of black vowels,
consonants stuck between the tiny cracks of my teeth
in stringy, hairy bits,
and not to mention the adjectives
that could not get up the slick pipe in my throat,
as the ventricles and arteries caged them in my heart,
making it difficult to breathe, anyway.
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